Fairytales and Nightingales (Book)

Welcome to a place where there is no night and no day. Where there is no rendering of era or time. Here is the accrual of generations in one view, the past, present and future. These are photographs about all of us without showing any of us. They are disorienting in their strange familiarity, but elusive in their description of place. They are about the ambiguity and uncertainty of life, shown in a way that is subtle, elegant and dream-like.Through this work we can realize the transformative energy of place, time and the beauty of unrecognizable light. I am very happy to announce the release of "Fairytales and Nightingales" as a book (104 pages, 64 images, linen cover, thread stitch binding, bookmark ribbon, printed on 170g fine art paper). Read more on my website: http://www.markuslehr.com/works/fairytales-and-nightingales-book/

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